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Product Description

Update: 04/01/2023 Wersaze want to stop accepting new order in few months, to make an upgrade for soft hands.

Pre-order only (2-4 months!)


Soft hands made by Wersaze




Suitable for: DD3 & DDS, DDDy

Skin Colour: (Dollfie Dream standard) Normal, Semi-White, White


Q: Strain?

A: No :-)


 You may do nail arts on these hands! They have nails >w<




How to pose

When using, please pay attention to the twisting steps of each joint:

       When curling up your fingers, first bend gently from the tip of the finger, then bend the middle of the finger, and finally bend the root of the finger

       When stretching the fingers, first stretch from the root of the finger, then stretch the middle of the finger, and finally stretch the tip of the finger.

       During use, it is recommended that you use the index finger of your left thumb to pinch a section of the joint, and the index finger of your right thumb to pinch the adjacent section and gently bend it. When you curl your fingers sharply, you need to twist it in place with a little force.

*The palm part and the thumb link part can be curled moderately, and the displacement can be adjusted

*Be careful to avoid using nails. It is recommended to make the hand posture first, then insert the hand into the body, and finally fine-tune it.


Precautions for hands-on use

1 The product has excellent elasticity and flexibility to meet the requirements of daily use, but it must be noted that the use of knives, sharp tools, nails, sharp objects, and surface burrs may cause surface damage.

2 The movable hands are fixed-length fingers, please do not stretch to change the length, otherwise it may cause damage to the parts.

3 Clothing It is not recommended to use gloves. If you need to use them, please choose a loose style and avoid pulling your fingers hard, especially the outer skin part.

4 Coloring The nails can be painted with human nail polish. Because of manufacturing errors, the surface of the nails is not guaranteed to be completely smooth. The nails are made of plastic resin, which can be colored and decolorized many times, and can be polished. However, please note that organic solvents need to be used in an appropriate amount, and large amounts of use may affect the performance of the soft skin.

5 Regarding the operating temperature, do not drop below minus 10 degrees. A too cold environment will cause a decrease in elasticity, and frequent actions may lead to undesirable consequences. Of course, at such a low temperature, the element body will be damaged before this part is damaged.

Maintenance and dust removal

1 The material has excellent physical properties and can be kept dry for a long time.

Dust will fall on the surface after a period of use. Please use commercially available stationery transparent tape to remove the dust, or use talcum powder to smear the surface to wipe off the surface dust. It is recommended to apply talcum powder once every 3 weeks.

*If the air humidity is high, it will affect the talcum powder on the surface to stay dry. If the friction of the outer skin surface is not great, you can not apply the talcum powder temporarily.

2 Decontamination

 Some stains can't be stuck with tape, you can use a small amount of medical alcohol to remove, if there is a lot of dust and dirt, etc., gently wash with water and neutral detergent, use a soft cloth to absorb the water, dry and apply it to the body Powder is ready to use,

*It is not recommended to use Kline wiper to rub the surface of the outer skin forcefully. For resin joints, use Kline wiper sandpaper.

3 Our products have the strongest anti-staining ability known in the industry

 In use, there is a small number of color migration caused by clothing fabrics. We have verified that it is caused by unqualified dyes. Such fabrics are also harmful to human skin and are not recommended.

   *These fabrics are dyed with inferior dyes, and there are problems with the dyeing and fixing process. For example, sweat on the hands can also cause discoloration. After several washings, the fabrics are still obviously discolored.

*In this case, the slight color migration in a small area on the surface of the soft chest can gradually fade and disappear within a few days or weeks. This is the unique characteristic of our soft chest. Appropriate use of low-corrosive solvents such as alcohol can speed up the removal process.