Tooo Mini has only been held for a short time, but my family business is a factory which is expert for small diamonds. Our diamonds have been selling to fine jewelry and luxury brands all over the world (e.g. Swiss watch brands: R., P.P., O., and S. etc.) for more than 20 years.

My father always reminds me that if we are No.2 of the world, customers will go to find No.1 and only buy products from them. He and his engineers put a lot of effort on developing original machines and techniques for cutting small diamonds, in order not to fall behind.

Unlike others, our diamonds shows fire and brightness even under low brightness conditions (without spot light, under table, etc). The polish and the accuracy of angles are difficult to be imitated by other companies. 0.2 degree of error on angles already ruin the whole pattern of Hearts & Arrows, and thus we are so proud of our tiny Hearts & Arrows.

Most people look down to small diamonds and believe the larger a diamond is, the more beautiful it is. However, to me, a miniature lover, small diamonds are like tiny fairies. I like the shiny lines and shapes they created, and I hope the world can know their beauty too. The day I notice that most jewelry pieces in the shops are so dull and "losing details", and it is very difficult to find any exquisite tiny fine jewelry for my dolls, I decided to start Tooo Mini.

Although there may be more ladies who love large diamonds, I mostly sell fine jewelry which can present the beauty of tiny diamonds, even if their lovers may be minority.

I know I may be disappointing and not as disciplined as everyone wishes, but I only live once and I have a dream ......