By placing an order, customer accepts that

  1. Since all products are handmade, the actual product being received may be sightly different from the sales photos. (including small scratches, slight shape distortion on prong setting, different diamond quality, colour difference caused by monitors etc.) In other words, every piece of jewelry and every natural gemstone is unique and cannot be 100% the same.
  2. Since all products are made by only one craftsman and we want to ensure the quality, there may be a delay if our craftsman is accepting too many orders. This usually happens during the months of Jewellery & Gem Fairs. (March, June, September). 

If a customer has some concerns, please contact us before placing an order, or follow our instagram to see more photos and think about our product quality. ^ ^

I don't use customers' contact information for any purpose which is not related to the order. (No advertising, no selling customers' data to third party) However, I don't take any responsibility if a third party steal any personal data and cause any loss.


★Tailor Made★

You may order tailor made jewelry for both doll size and human size.

How to place tailor made order

  1. Send us an email or leave the details in "Contact Us" section.
  2. We will estimate the price and write a reply to you.
  3. If the price is acceptable and you decide to order, you can write back to us and add "Tailor Made" to your cart.
    For example, if the price is USD$200, then you change Quantity to 200 and add it to your cart.
  4. After we receive the money, production starts.
    It usually takes 5~8 weeks.
  5. When the production is done, we will deliver it to you as soon as possible.

* The price may vary every month due to the diamond price and gold price.

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Customize Tooo Mini's Design:

Every product in the shop can be customized.

If you want to lower the price:

* You may also tell us your budget and we will try our best to find diamonds to match it.

If you want better quality diamonds:

You may also modify the design using your favourite coloured stones.

See more tailor made examples HERE

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Your Own Design/Request:

You may provide your own design, but the actual selling price cannot be calculated until the production is finished.
The deposit usually will be higher than the actual selling price.

We can only follow about 80% of the provided design. Proportions, detailed small parts may change, mostly in a good way, (because we trust our craftsman's sense of art and standards for fine jewelry), but we will inform you in advance if the changes can be foreseen.

Also, you may provide some ideas for design to me.
If it inspires me, I may draw the design and make it in stock.

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Photo Review Special

If we receive an excellent photo review from you, we may look for high quality colour stone especially for you.

We will ask you what your top 3 favourite stones are.
(e.g. large diamond, moonstone, fire opal, star sapphire etc.)
If it's rare stone like alexandrite or red diamond, it may take long time because we may need to search during the jewelry show.

Or you may simply tell us one of your favourite colours, shape and budget.
When we have similar coloured stone (natural/synthetic) in stock in the future, we will let you know as soon as possible.

Normal tailor made V.S. Excellent review tailor made:

1. Purchase:
    Normal - We look for the requested stone (for example, heart shaped 1ct diamond) and if it is out of stock, we need to wait until we finally meet one. 
    Excellent Review - We might ask the manufacturers to cut the stone to meet your request if they have the rough.

2. Price:
    Excellent review winner can have special bargain price for that purchase.