[Wersaze] New! Dollfie Dream XL Soft Bust MK-III

Model: WER-XL


All countries

Product Description

Made-to-order only (2-4 months waiting time!)


XL size soft bust made by Wersaze

Compared to MK2: MK3 is seamless and made by better material with higher durability.


Choice: DD3 & DDS

Skin Colour: (Dollfie Dream standard) Normal, Semi-White, White


  1. Soft skin chest
  2. Chest pad x 1 pairs ( normal softness )
  3. Internal stand

Optional (extra charges):

  1. Extra chest pad x 1 pairs ( harder ones for wearing clothes, softer ones for nude )
  2. Warranty


Q: Strain?

A: No :-)


Size Comparison (approx.) :

L+: 25.2~25.4cm 

XL: 25.9~26.1cm

XXL: 26.6~26.8cm

XL is able to fit normal DD L bust clothes.