【PRAYER】 Engagement Ring (Mainstone Excluded)


Quantity : 10

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Product Description

Humble but elegant solitaire ring for engagement.

Designed for a friend :-)

The beauty is in the details.

0.5ct mainstone by default


This price does NOT include the mainstone diamond price.

We will try to find the mainstone for you according to your requirement or budget.

(Please feel free to ask for prices and ask questions. Stay curious :-P )

(I can write English, Chinese and Japanese.)


Final selling price = (Price on this page) + (Mainstone price)

e.g. With 0.5ct Mainstone diamond HK$20000,

Ring price = HK$5000 (this page) + HK$20000 (diamond) = HK$25000, including warranty


Every ring is made-to-order. Free engraving.




18K White Gold, natural untreated diamond (with GIA certificate) or synthetic diamond (with IGI cert.)


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