Path of Life (Earrings)

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Little thing does matter.

Detail does the magic.

Beauty's from inner self.

The Right Match --

is where it shines.




❋ Staff Comment ❋

Halo is usually simple, but our halo is very complicated.

Diamond cut, angles and micro-settings are all specially designed to make the illusion.

You can't find the same pair in any other shops.

You may feel strange when you see the actual product:

They look simple, but when you compare them with others, you can "feel" the difference.


You may mix-and-match with other back like this:

These pair of earrings is designed to make some small diamonds to look like one big 1ct diamond.

If you want even larger, you may place tailor-made order.

The price here is based on "Lab-grown diamonds". You may order with natural diamonds too.

❋ Information ❋

Every piece of Tooo Mini's jewellry is hand-made by a chosen skilled craftsman with many years of experience, so even if having the same design, or even with the same diamonds, the craftsmanship can still show the difference. Jewellry of Tooo Mini is made with the best condition I can provide.


-18K White gold (can be changed to Rose/Yellow/Black gold)

Q: Why does Tooo Mini use 18K gold?
A: 18K gold has good durability and almost doesn’t fade over time. Tooo Mini’s jewelries are designed to be “being loved and taken good care as part of a collection”, so the durability of material is an important part of design.


-Lab-grown diamonds

Default: D~F Colour, IF~SI

Scientists create an environment with high temperature and pressure, and grow diamond rough stones inside laboratory.
It is like making distilled water instead of mining for ground water.
i.e. The diamonds are not extracted from mine and thus more environment-friendly than natural diamonds.

Q: Do lab-grown diamonds look the same as natural ones?
They can be easily distinguished by testing machines, but not by human eyes in most cases. Diamond experts may see the difference between cubic zirconia(CZ, not diamond), crystal(/glass) since they are DIFFERENT material and diamonds without loupes, but can hardly see the difference between natural diamonds and synthetic diamonds without loupes or machines because natural and lab-grown are SAME material.

Q: May I order jewellery with natural diamonds?
Yes, the material price will be higher though. (In such case, only the rough supplier is changed. Diamond polishing and craftsmanship remain the same.)


    In my view, a piece of jewelry which can become part of one’s collection, has to be perfect in details. Even when there's no spotlight, or when there's only natural daylight, it is still uniquely attractive because of its nature.

❋ Option ❋

This product can have following customization. Please let Tooo Mini know when purchase. ^ ^

- Change to 18K Rose/Yellow/Black gold (Free)
- Hypoallergenic earring backs (Made in Japan)
- Pearl earring backs (Black South Sea pearls, Japanese Akoya pearls, etc. )

❋ Important Notice ❋

These earrings are made-to-order (tailor-made), no exchange nor return after placing order. However, we offer after-sale services like repairing and cleaning.
It takes 6~8 weeks to finish the product.
In the future if the piece of jewellry is damaged, getting dirty or maintenance required, Tooo Mini can handle it.
Light repairing process like repolishing, removing engraving, and repairing prongs, etc. doesn't require extra service charge (unless some stones are missing), but customer needs to handle the shipping fees.
Thus, please take good care of your jewellry pieces. They are not consumables......