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❋ Staff Comment ❋

This pair of earrings are made by 2 pieces of natural unheated greenish yellow sapphire.
I think it's close to light "sogairo" (承和色, a traditional japanese colour).

Morning - colour of sunshine

Colour: This pair of sapphire twins are greenish yellow, just like the sunshine in the forest.

Although it may look similar to <<Fresh Air>> in the same series,
<<Morning>> is greenish yellow whereas <<Fresh Air>> is yellowish green.

These earrings were originally designed for 1/3 dolls, so they are very tiny, but they can still be used for humans. I believe most ladies who love small accessories will be satisfied.

This product can be worn on both pierced and non-pierced dolls.
For non-pierced doll, white-tack and gemstone parts are needed.

It can mix and match with other earrings, just like the example below.

(*This is another one from Watercolour series, so the colour is different.)
(*Earrings in this photo: 【Sakura】 + 【Watercolour~Unreal】)

The reason why I choose 18KGP is that only 18KGP can produce an unique pale pink colour, which matches cherry blossom perfectly.

This product is an unique ONE-OFF.
**Once it is sold-out, we can never reproduce.
(Natural gemstones are unique.)

** Gold colour of Lite jewellery is sightly different from Fine jewellery.
This rose gold colour is more pale and more pink, which is an unique colour that can only be seen in silver with rose gold coating.

(*This is another one from Watercolour series, so the colour is different.)

** Since the gold coating is extra thick, the flower parts are not facing to the front exactly.
(Like the flowers are messed up by the wind.)
If you want the earrings to be facing better, please order 18K version using Tailor-made page.

❋ Information ❋

I can speak Chinese, English and simple Japanese. Please feel free to contact me.

Every piece of Tooo Mini's jewellry is hand-made by a chosen skilled craftsman with many years of experience, so even if having the same design, or even with the same diamonds, the craftsmanship can still show the difference. Jewellry of Tooo Mini is made with the best condition I can provide.



(*This is another one from Watercolour series, so the colour is different.)
(*Earrings in this photos:
Glass flower(L) + Sakura + Watercolour~Uzusumi Zakura)

-18K Rose gold PLATED Silver  (extra thick coating)

Q: Why does Tooo Mini use silver plated with EXTRA THICK 18K gold?

A: 18K gold has good durability and almost doesn’t fade over time. Tooo Mini’s jewelries are designed to be “being loved and taken good care as part of a collection”, so the durability of material is an important part of design.

-Natural untreated greenish yellow sapphire

In my view, a piece of jewelry which can become part of one’s collection, has to be perfect in details. Even when there's no spotlight, or when there's only natural daylight, it is still uniquely attractive because of its nature.

❋ Option ❋

This pendant can have following customization. Please let Tooo Mini know when purchase. ^ ^

- Hypoallergenic earring backs (Made in Japan)
- Pearl earring backs (Black South Sea pearls, Japanese Akoya pearls, etc. )

❋ Important Notice ❋

Since this product is LIMITED ITEM, no exchange nor return after placing order. However, we offer after-sale services like repairing and cleaning.

It takes 1~2 weeks to ship the product. In the future if the piece of jewellry is damaged, getting dirty or maintenance required, Tooo Mini can handle it.

Light repairing process like repolishing, removing engraving, and repairing prongs, etc. doesn't require extra service charge (unless some stones are missing), but customer needs to handle the shipping fees.

Thus, please take good care of your jewellry pieces. They are not consumables......

※Product image for illustration purposes only. Actual product may vary.