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"Notice me, please..."


❋ Staff Comment ❋

This is from our new product line -- Lite Jewellery.

We met an excellent supplier (and expert) of freshwater pearls during an international jewellery show. Their freshwater pearls caught our eyes because of being outstandingly shiny (high luster) and very consistently round in shape, compared to other booths' freshwater pearls.

By default, the pearl necklace is made with elastic cord and no clasp.

TYPE 1 - Elastic(No clasp) version has one amethyst bead. USD28
TYPE 2 - Non-elastic (18K clasp) version costs additional USD10 (= USD38 in total) and it will be using Griffin white pearl cord (non-elastic, made in Germany), just like human pearl necklaces.


We will leave some tiny space between pearls in elastic version.
Although elastic version should be fine for most 1/3 BJD, it is still possible to be broken if it is stretched too hard.
If you may be worried about these, I personally recommend you to choose non-elastic version, even though it costs higher, or request a longer pearl necklace.
Non-elastic version will be more tight (almost no space between pearls), and the necklace can be opened/closed using the clasp.

❋ Information ❋

I can speak Chinese, English and simple Japanese. Please feel free to contact me.


High quality freshwater white pearls
(can be changed to japanese Akoya pearls, but the price is higher)
* They may have other colours. Limited stock though.
** Smaller size of pearls, for 1/6 dolls, is available too. Limited stock.
Some pearls may have small imperfections and colour variations, which is also a sign of growing from nature. If you can’t accept this, please don’t buy it.

-18K gold Clasp (Optional)
Q: Why does Tooo Mini use 18K gold?
A: 18K gold has good durability and almost doesn’t fade over time. Tooo Mini’s jewelries are designed to be “being loved and taken good care as part of a collection”, so the durability of material is an important part of design.

Amethyst (Optional)

❋ Option ❋

This pendant can have following customization. Please let Tooo Mini know when purchase. ^ ^

- Non-elastic (18K clasp) version +USD10

- Akoya pearls

- Other pearl colours

- Super-tiny baby pearls for 1/6

❋ Important Notice ❋

This necklace is made-to-order (tailor-made), no exchange nor return after placing order. However, we offer after-sale services like repairing and cleaning.
It takes 1~2 weeks to finish the product. In the future if the piece of jewellry is damaged, getting dirty or maintenance required, Tooo Mini can handle it.
Light repairing process doesn't require extra service charge (unless some pearls are missing), but customer needs to handle the shipping fees.
Thus, please take good care of your jewellry pieces. They are not consumables......