【Noble Vampires】

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❋Staff Comment❋

I personally love these earring parts very much!
The hearts are pink sapphires,
but you may choose other gemstones too. (e.g. Your birthstone)
These are earring parts, so you can add them to your favourite earrings.

*Actual price depends on what kind of gemstones is used.
(synthetic pink sapphires, tourmaline, heated ruby, etc.)

❋ Information ❋

I can speak Chinese, English and simple Japanese. Please feel free to contact me.

Every piece of Tooo Mini's jewellry is hand-made by a chosen skilled craftsman with many years of experience, so even if having the same design, or even with the same diamonds, the craftsmanship can still show the difference. Jewellry of Tooo Mini is made with the best condition I can provide.  


-18K White gold (can be changed to Rose/Yellow/Black gold)

Q: Why does Tooo Mini use 18K gold?

A: 18K gold has good durability and almost doesn’t fade over time. Tooo Mini’s jewelries are designed to be “being loved and taken good care as part of a collection”, so the durability of material is an important part of design. Moreover, earrings made by 18K gold are less likely to cause skin allergy. If you are still worried about allergy, please contact Tooo Mini and we will prepare hypoallergenic earring backs for you. ^ ^

-Natural untreated high quality diamonds

Default: Excellent Cut, D~H Colour, VVS~SI

Q: Why are Tooo Mini's diamonds special?

A: We purchase diamonds from a manufactory which is expert for small diamonds. They put a lot of effort on developing original machines and techniques for cutting small diamonds and have been selling small diamonds to world’s luxury brands and some famous Swiss watch brands for more than 20 years.

The polish and the accuracy of angles are difficult to be imitated by other companies. Some other companies make Excellent cut with heavist weight, but this manufactory makes Excellent cut with greatest optical effects. Besides, their quality is consistent. For example, when the calibrated diamonds are properly set on a watch, they can always show a light ring. If the diamonds' angles and proportions were not straightly controlled, the ring would be incomplete because some diamonds couldn't shine together at that angle. Calibrated diamonds in the same size have to be so alike that they can show fire together, and show reflected light together, which not every manfactory can produce.

( We have Excellent Cut Hearts and Arrows diamonds too. It is recommended to perfectionists who love Ideal Cut.*Default is non-H&A Excellent Cut )

    In my view, a piece of jewelry which can become part of one’s collection, has to be perfect in details. Even when there's no spotlight, or when there's only natural daylight, it is still uniquely attractive because of its nature.



❋ Option ❋

These earrings can have following customization. Please let Tooo Mini know when purchase. ^ ^

- Engraving words or names (Free)
- Change to 18K Rose/Yellow/Black gold (Free)
- Upgrade to Hearts & Arrows
- Hypoallergenic earring backs (Made in Japan)
- Pearl earring backs (Black South Sea pearls, Japanese Akoya pearls, etc. )
- Matte Finish

❋ Important Notice ❋

Since these earrings is made-to-order (tailor-made), no exchange nor return after placing order. However, we offer after-sale services like repairing and cleaning.
It takes 5~8 weeks to finish the product. In the future if the piece of jewellry is damaged, getting dirty or maintenance required, Tooo Mini can handle it.
Light repairing process like repolishing, removing engraving, and repairing prongs, etc. doesn't require extra service charge (unless some stones are missing), but customer needs to handle the shipping fees.
Thus, please take good care of your jewellry pieces. They are not consumables......    



Actual selling price varies because of the price of gemstones (the hearts).

Usually gemstones from jewellery shows are lower prices. (Mar, Jun, Sep)

Details of the product

Material: K18 White Gold (Default) / K18 Yello Gold / K18 Rose Gold

Diamond: VS-SI, G-H colour, Excellent Cut

Size: (TBA)