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Soft hip & thighs parts for " MK-II " series products manual

Thank you for purchasing this product. This manual is specially designed for our "MK-II" ( also known as mk2) series soft hip.

 Temporarily use DD dollfiedream body for installation demonstration and related operation steps description,



【List of default included parts】

  Soft hip & thigh member X 1 th  

  Strong support calf frame X 1 pair (support adjustable)

Volks calf frame rubber adapter ring X 1 pair (translucent or light green)

  Simplified transport bracket X 1 pair (need to be removed and pulled out before use)

  Manual X 1 copy     

* Note: If users have special requirements, the included parts may increase or decrease


* For the DD-IF body, the sternum adapter made by us should be purchased before it can be used normally.





1 Installation instructions


1.1 Preparations before use

1.1.1 Open the box

* The packaging box of the new product has a tamper-evident seal, which is designed to prevent the courier from opening the package privately

*After the box is opened, the plastic taste that may appear comes from the newly produced resin bracket. The soft breast product itself has no taste, the material is stable, and the skin is safe. Please rest assured to use it, but it is not recommended to try it.

1.1.2 Apply with babypowder

Before use, please be sure to use baby powder to smear the soft chest skin and chest pad. Pay attention to applying it both inside and outside Before the first use, . use a large amount of babypowder to eliminate static electricity on the surface and reduce friction, which is helpful for putting on and taking off clothes.

 * If possible, please use a screwdriver to lightly tighten the screws on the calf frame before use to increase the supporting force. Because the soft chest is soft and movable, there is no hard skin to support it. This can make the head position more stable.

*For issues such as the frequency of baby powder application, please refer to the ash removal and cleaning chapter.


1.2 Install the soft buttocks on the body of the doll

1.2.1 Split puppet body

The body of this kind of doll is fixed by plugging method, the structure is simple, the link is relatively strong, please pay attention to the direction of the force when disassembling, first slowly twist the joints, confirm that the joints can be twisted and plugged, and then pull them out forcefully. Separate the chest from the buttocks.

After separation, check volks whether there are sharp parts on the inside of the chest skin. We recommend that you use our soft chest parts with this product to avoid similar problems.

*** Attention, DD Japan's body processing may leave some burrs on the surface of the hard shell, which will cause soft buttocks. Please check the protruding sharp objects that are in contact with the soft breast surface, and use scissors or nail clippers to remove as much as possible.

1.2.2 Split calf parts

Normally, you only need to remove the calf skin, and the rest of the parts do not need to be disassembled.

To remove the calf skin, you may need a hair dryer to heat the knee and its back. After the skin is slightly soft, you can easily remove the calf skin.

1.2.3 Install soft hip

The chest frame is installed on the socket of the soft hip, pay attention to the outer skin of the soft buttocks to avoid being squeezed.

When installing forcefully, it should be noted that the hand grip position is: the pelvic skeleton of the buttocks. During installation, the position between the components will be stable without significant displacement. You can refer to the simplified process installation diagram of the manual.

1.2.4 Install the calf skeleton


You can install the calf skin first, and then combine the thigh and calf skeleton

1 Please remove the transport bracket first, pay attention to the pictures below, and pull it out forcefully

2 Check the direction of the calf skeleton, pay attention to the following picture, which is the orientation of the calf skeleton.

3 After confirming the correct orientation, you can insert the outer skin for assembly. Note : The outer skin may need to be heated at the knee position.

4 After the calf and the skeleton are assembled, distinguish the left and right legs, and combine them with the thighs, and pay attention to the alignment of the jack positions.

When installing forcefully here, it should be noted that the holding position of the hand is: the pelvic skeleton of the buttocks, so that if force is required during installation, the position between the components will be stable without significant displacement. You can refer to the simplified process installation diagram of the manual.


* If you find the following situation, the lumbar spine is not firmly inserted into the chest bone, or the foot is not firmly inserted into the calf skeleton. Even the upper body and lower body are loose. By comparison of our research, is the problem volks production lot of errors, DD2 is element body portion and dd3 element body portion of this connection is tight, part dd3 there is a production error element body. The corresponding treatment method provided by us is: use a toothpick to dip a very small amount of strong quick-drying glue, and apply a thin layer of glue evenly on the left and right sides of the insert, taking care to avoid the gap in the middle, and leave it for 1 hour until it is completely dry. Ready to use. This method can significantly increase the mating strength. If the strength is insufficient, another layer can be applied.


1.2.5 Action and limit

  The hips have a safe range of motion . It is not recommended to go beyond the range of motion and adjust posture. The specific picture is on the back page.

  The hip movement posture is maintained for the time. Since the waist and abdomen can be folded and bent to make a knee-tuck movement similar to the human body, we suggest that you adjust the angle gently to avoid excessive force. After the waist is twisted, release your hand and the parts will appear reversed. When rebounding, it means that the joint in this direction has entered the limit zone. Please do not continue to use force to avoid the position exceeding the limit.

* After use, please restore the folded position of the buttocks. When stored for a long time, it should be restored to its natural stretched state. Avoid leaving a deep mark on this folded part. For related instructions, you can also refer to the chapter on soft buttocks maintenance methods


1.3 Wear and take off clothing

1.3.1 Choose clothing

The clothing should correspond to the size of the soft chest

If you have a particular preference for a certain type of clothing, please note that the size should roughly fit this size.

1.3.2 Wearing clothes

When wearing clothing, you should pay attention to accessories, zippers, etc., which may be in sharp objects. For zippers,

, It is recommended that users put a thin cloth between the zipper and the skin.

For long-term wear, please wear looser clothing, such as a loose dress

Clothing such as tights can be worn for a short period of time, less than 2 days, please do not wear for a long time

* If you leave a mark, the soft hip will recover from the content, please refer to the soft buttocks maintenance method chapter

1.3.3 Take off clothing

After wearing clothes for a long time, there may be a lot of friction on the soft chest surface when taking off the clothes. Please operate slowly. For maintenance, please refer to the soft breast maintenance method chapter


1.4.1 Tools used [Caution]

   Because our products have a relatively complete internal design, microfilm can be used OX props , but pay attention to lubrication, use time and size issues.

   The diameter of the props should not be larger than 8mm , larger than 5mm the objects must use lubricant, the length should not exceed 2cm , and the outer wall should be a smooth curve. No sharp protrusions are allowed.

   Please use baby oil or a lubricant that is not perishable as a lubricant.

   It is forbidden to try to enlarge the aperture.

It is not recommended to use the props for more than 24 hours, and the original state should be restored as soon as possible after shooting.


2 soft hip maintenance method [ extracted from the relevant sections of the soft chest member ]


2.0 About skin elasticity

Our products have excellent elasticity, the safe stretch rate is within 100% , and the limit is 200%

The flexibility requirements are far beyond the scope of normal activities.

* Don't make a prank to stretch the local edge beyond the limit.

* But even so, when using knives, sharp tools, nails, body and clothing zippers, sharp objects and surface burrs may cause damage to the soft chest surface. It is recommended that users put a thin cloth between the zipper and the skin.

2.1 Dust removal

The soft buttocks material has excellent physical properties and keeps it dry for a long time.

Dust will fall on the surface after a period of use. Please use commercially available stationery transparent tape to remove the dust, or use talcum powder to smear the surface to wipe off the surface dust. It is recommended to 3 apply talcum powder once every weeks.

* If the air humidity is high, it will affect the talcum powder on the surface to stay dry. If the friction of the outer skin surface is not great, you can not apply the talcum powder temporarily.

2.2 Decontamination  

 Some stains cannot be removed with tape and can be removed with a small amount of medical alcohol. Note that alcohol is not recommended for body makeup coating.

 * If there is a lot of dust and dirt, please disassemble the body to remove the soft chest, wash it gently with water and neutral detergent, use a soft cloth to absorb the water, dry it and apply talcum powder before use.

*Do not use rubbing Klin sandpaper to rub the surface forcefully.

2.3 Indentation recovery:

Wearing underwear or tight-fitting clothes can temporarily leave marks on the soft chest after a period of time. The shallow indentation can recover by itself within a few hours, the medium indentation , and the indentation 24 can recover by itself within hours with a depth of about 1mm can be manually assisted. in 2 to 3 substantially days of recovery,

Manual assistance method: Use your fingers to gently pinch the indentation and surrounding parts several times to help the indentation recover. If the recovery process is slow, you can increase the finger pressure appropriately, and then knead after a period of time.

* Loose clothing can be worn for a long time, but because the soft chest is not an organism similar to human skin, it is not recommended to wear SM. restraint clothing, binding type, and partially shaped underwear clothing for a long time. In the test, the squeeze is maintained for about 4 days. Surface imprints can be completely recovered after a period of time. This type of clothes is not recommended to exceed this time.

2.5 Anti-staining ability

   The soft breasts produced by our company have stronger anti-staining ability than the products of the same industry. In most volks cases of skin dyeing, the soft breasts can be unaffected or slightly affected. The slight color migration on the surface of the soft breasts can be within a few It will gradually fade and disappear within days or weeks. This is the characteristic of our soft breasts. Appropriate use of low-corrosive solvents such as alcohol can speed up the removal process. But do not use highly corrosive liquids such as paint remover.

* There is a small number of color migration caused by clothing fabrics in use. We have verified that it is caused by unqualified dyes. Such fabrics are also harmful to human skin. It is not recommended to use. Wash before use to confirm the situation. These fabrics are dyed with inferior dyes, and there are problems with the dyeing and fixing process. For example, sweat on the hands can also cause discoloration. After several washings, the fabrics are still obviously discolored.

2.6 Other matters needing attention

Regarding the operating temperature, it is recommended not to be lower than minus 10 degrees. An excessively cold environment will cause a decrease in elasticity. Frequent actions may lead to undesirable consequences. Of course, at low temperatures, before our components are damaged, other parts of the body are likely to be affected. Damage first.